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Selling in a Skirt

Are you a sales professional stuck in a rut?  Are you a sales manager trying to direct women to your company? Selling In A Skirt addresses the differences in sales techniques between men and women, and how using a female-focused approach can help you win new business and generate limitless referrals.

sales2Judy Hoberman uses humorous, reality-based stories about how men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently to illuminate the challenges and opportunities sales professionals face when communicating with the opposite gender, whether a coworker or a client.

Drawing from more than 30 years in the field and her rich experience in the corporate world as an award-winning training director, Hoberman has taken her career on a new path as a successful speaker and consultant. In Selling In a Skirt, she offers invaluable and proven insights into how gender differences can affect sales outcomes, and the tools and strategies to drive real results in today’s marketplace.

Featuring a forward by Sandra Yancey, founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork, Inc. and

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Famous Isn’t Enough

Are you an Entrepreneur?

book judyThis book is an illuminating read that explores the entire entrepreneurial process from the first “a-ha” moment on, ‘Famous Isn’t Enough’ provides readers with:

  • Rich Content
  • Instant Action Items
  • Honest Perspective

‘Famous Isn’t Enough’ includes tips on:

  • Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & Lessons Learned

  • Proven Time Management Techniques

  • Networking Mastery

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Pure Wealth

PURE WEALTH UPDATED COVEREveryone has their own definition of what profitability means. But what if you can combine your “passion for a purpose” into a thriving business? That’s what PURE WEALTH…26 Ways to Crazy Profitability will help you do. Without profitability, a business will not survive, but PURE WEALTH speaks to your passion for making a difference through your business.

Twenty six authors share their ideas, stories, and expertise on a myriad of topics that will bring you to the apex of assimilating the nuts and bolts of your business with the deeper purpose you bring into it.

Focus on the chapters that speak to you, and those experts will guide you to your own, unlimited Crazy Profitability. The authors have diverse backgrounds in marketing, sales, and leadership that will help you focus on the specifics of your business.

They also speak to personal issues such as fear, relationships, communication, and health, making this one of the most complete business books you will ever read. Pure Wealth affords you the opportunity to become wealthy in ways you never dreamed!

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 Selling in a Skirt eBook

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