Hang On

So you are considering starting a new business, or perhaps adding a new program or maybe bringing someone in to work with you. You have a “plan” and on paper it is perfect….then reality sets in.  Am I talking to you or has that just happened to me? For the past 9 months I have been working […]

LAMP 2012 Video

In case you missed it in our newsletter, on our website, on facebook, or even on twitter, here is the full video of a talk I gave on the main platform at LAMP 2012 in Orlando Florida. Enjoy! About the video: Judy Hoberman of Selling In A Skirt rallies a crowd of over 1500 people at […]

The Word is….

Did you sell lemonade when you were younger. Perhaps girl scout cookies were more up your alley? Or maybe you mowed lawns in your neighborhood….do you know what the common thread is between your first experience having a business as a child and jumping in and doing it as an adult? It’s a word that […]

So Many Decisions (and 3 tips to ensure you have your act together!)

One of the activities I love the most is to be a mentor for young women.  I believe this goes back to being the only female in many industries and having no female role model to follow. I knew I was missing something.  Over the past few years I have had the pleasure and honor […]

5 Tips to Stay “Client Focused” in 2012

1. People buy from people they like. It is important to spend time connecting with your prospect. It should only take 1-3 emails and the first 5 minutes of your appointment. 2. Assessing your client’s needs means identifying where the client is vs. where he/she wants to be. You then demonstrate how your product/service can fill the gap. 3. Remember […]

From Prospect To Appointment In 8 Easy Steps

Ready, Set… Step 1. Set a specific number of contacts or appointments as a goal for each calling session. Keep going down your list of prospects until you reach that goal number. Do not give yourself any breaks until your target is reached! Step 2. Block off time on your schedule for these calls and […]

Prospecting Habits- The 3 Most Important Ones Used By Successful Salespeople

Don’t Multitask –  Done thing at a time and finish it before moving to the next. Studies conducted at MIT show that our brain does not focus well on more than one thing. Multi-tasking is an illusion and your IQ drops as much as 10 points when you are multitasking!   Get Organized –  Don’t waste […]

The Cover of ‘Exceptional People’ Magazine!

I am extremely happy to announce that Exceptional People Magazine featured me on the cover of their magazine! You can read the interview by clicking here. Or if you prefer to download it to print and read later you can do so by clicking here. Here is an excerpt from the interview: Monica: What are […]

Determination: The Recipe for Success

The following is a guest post by Elizabeth Ann Stewart founder of the  Brain and Body Wellness Center. I grew up with an extremely unreal expectation of what it would take to be successful. After all, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears just had to sing and dance and they were rich and famous! If I built a […]

From Stay-at-Home Mom to Business Owner

My name is Barbara Doweidt, I was simply a stay at home mom. You know the type, your day starts at 6:00 AM getting kids up and ready for school. Spending your day making appointments, arranging schedules, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, gardening, then chauffeuring your children to their after school activities. My children are now […]

To Do or Not To Do – 5 Steps to Staying Productive

Being productive has never been an issue for me.  I have been told I am very productive and as my last post showed, I’m also very focused.  Of course everyone tells me that I make it look so easy.  Here’s the secret, I need to make it look easy to me in order for me […]

The Top 10 Networking Tips for Women-The Other Side Of The Coin

“They” say that everyday you should learn something. Who are “They” anyway?? In any case, I do agree and I do try and follow that rule in my life whether personally or professionally. Do you know how many people come into your life? How many of them have made an impact on your life? Everyone […]