Coach, Mentor or Sponsor – Which Do You Need?

two women in business attire looking at paperwork

You probably hear about people having an executive coach or a mentor. A term you may not be as familiar with is a sponsor. Are these different terms for the same thing or do they really serve different purposes? The answer is they are definitely different, and are all important for your career growth. Let […]

The Value Of Coaching

When I started my company in 2009, one of the first things I did was to understand what I didn’t know how to do. I loved people, I could sell, I wanted to make a difference and always wanted to bring value.  All sounds great so far right? What I didn’t really know how to […]

15 Qualities You Should Look For In A Business Coach

Fifteen Qualities You Should Look For In A Business Coach from JudyHoberman Do you have a great business coach? Are you looking for one? Here are 15 of the most important qualities to look for when seeking out and eventually building a relationship with a business coach. Happy Coaching!

So Many Decisions (and 3 tips to ensure you have your act together!)

One of the activities I love the most is to be a mentor for young women.  I believe this goes back to being the only female in many industries and having no female role model to follow. I knew I was missing something.  Over the past few years I have had the pleasure and honor […]