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Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman Podcast

Our workshops will uncover the most important qualities to be a successful agent/producer. We address the challenges they will face and how to overcome them. Judy will guide them through finding business, networking, prospecting, how to communicate effectively, thinking outside the box all while acting, dressing and showing up professionally. Let’s not forget the outcome…sales. Once everything leading up to the sale is addressed, the actual sale becomes a natural part of the process.

Building on more than 30 years as an award-winning sales team leader and trainer the S.K.I.R.T. workshop is an eye-opening experience for the attendees giving them clear insight, tools and resources focused around their business, themselves and their support system at home.

Judy goes in depth into each section with case studies and role-playing and each attendee is held accountable as they build their “own” business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always the easiest venture. Having an accountability partner will help pave their road. Think of it as having a private coach for each attendee.

Be prepared to be inspired, motivated and challenged.

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“Judy Hoberman is a recurring guest on my Morning Drive show. A lot of our listeners are entrepreneurs who appreciate Judy’s subjects. She’s always right-on with her topics and is a great interview! If you’re looking to add a bright spot to your morning show I highly recommend her!”

Frank Bonacquisti


“Hi Judy, you rocked it and I could hardly believe we’d been at it for 30 minutes! I was scribbling notes on your terrific questioning techniques. You have a VERY professional show… I aspire to have mine reach that level! I’d love to guest again, and to continue our dialogue for your larger project.”

Anne Graham

Profit and Growth Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author and Radio Host