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Senior Leaders Often Say They Want To Attract More Female Leaders

Why The Executive Boardroom For Women ?

For Organization Leadership

Are you investing into the fastest growing segment of the labor market…women? If not, you’ll see the negative impact in your bottom line.

As women take on greater leadership in and out of the work world, their power and influence is growing. In the consumer marketplace, women now control 83% of consumer spending (over 3.4 trillion dollars) and 60% of U.S. wealth. According to one study, companies with women executives are 30% more likely to outperform other companies. Regardless of what business you’re in, it is likely that women consumers and women in leadership are having a big impact on the financial health and culture of your organization. Women buy the way they sell. It’s all about relationships.

5 Specific Times Our Clients Call On Us

Why are they leaving..?

Three or more top female talent left for a competitor, threatening your company's reputation as Employer of Choice.

Facing Reality:

Your Glassdoor reviews are bad, you can't hire enough female talent, you've lost key female clientele because they prefer to work with women, and your revenue is down 30% or more for last two quarters.

"What do they have that we don't have ..?

Your competitors are outselling you and have taken 3-5 of your top female talent.

"They keep saying, 'no'..."

Female Senior Directors turning down promotions, you can't fill the roles, and programs are being canceled to use budget to hire outside talent.

"I lost another one ..."

You realize 30% of female clientele leaves because they’re unwilling to work with male employees.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Women Leaders Make Organizations More Profitable

Did you know that the 25 Fortune 500 companies with the best track record of promoting women to high positions are 18-69% more profitable than the median Fortune 500 firms in their industries?

And here’s something else to keep in mind: 29% of women business owners with prior private-sector experience cited glass-ceiling issues as the major reason for leaving their employers. 44% of those women felt they nor their contributions were not being recognized or valued.

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“All the research shows that investing in women is a good investment.”

-Cherie Blair

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Retention Fuels Your Growth

Now more than ever, you can expect one of your greatest leadership challenges to be the retention of top talent as you strive to grow your enterprise in the increasingly competitive and changing global economy.

The loss of productivity and personnel replacement costs easily exceed 200% of the annual salary of high performing employees and 10% of your revenues.

Women Leaders Improve Organizational Culture

Women leaders will bring skills, different perspectives, and innovative ideas to the table. The results will create a cohesive team that leads to better decision-making for the business. In addition, women in leadership positions understand the importance of mentorship and can begin developing the next generation of leaders.

It’s hard to attract and retain top talent. Your human capital investment is one of most important factors high performers look at when deciding to join, and stay with, an organization.

With women leaving corporations to start their own businesses at twice the rate of men, and traditional sales and leadership programs having become outdated and ineffective, isn’t it time you considered a new approach to meeting today’s retention challenges?

Consider How The Executive Boardroom For Women Can Benefit Your Organization

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Women and men are different…not better or worse, right or wrong…simply different.

Don’t let your best employees join your competitors. Unleash the innate skills and capabilities of your high achieving women. Contact us today.

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As leaders In An Organization…Is This You?

As an organization, why do you need The Executive Boardroom For Women? Ask yourself the following questions to uncover the telltale signs that your business can benefit from our expertise. Is this you?

How did you do? Any one of the issues identified here is reason enough to consider how we may help you grow the talent that will make you most successful in the future!

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