To Do or Not To Do – 5 Steps to Staying Productive

Being productive has never been an issue for me.  I have been told I am very productive and as my last post showed, I’m also very focused.  Of course everyone tells me that I make it look so easy.  Here’s the secret, I need to make it look easy to me in order for me […]

Qualifying on the Phone: Part 2- A Better System

This post is part two of a series on “Qualifying over the Phone”.  If you missed part one, click here now to catch up! Once I moved up into management,  I implemented a very different system for calling.  Unlike how my supervisor handled business (as I discussed in part 1), we did not have everyone in the office […]

‘Qualifying on the Phone’: Scheduling Appointments

I wanted to kick off the “Qualifying on the Phone” Series by sharing a one of my earliest experiences working the phones. The post below should illustrate common misconceptions, and the result of scheduling appointments properly.  Whether or not you been successful scheduling appointments over the phone, this post should provide some useful information. When […]