Determining Your Niche

Why is it that when someone asks who your target market is, the response many times is “everyone”?  How can that be true?  Is what you offer really good for the immediate world? The more you are able to describe and pinpoint your niche, the more profitable it will be.  Others will understand who they […]

Keeping Your Eye On The….Jacket!

How many times have we talked about what motivates people?  Is it money? Is it prizes?  Is it a trip? Is it recognition? Throughout my career, I have won so many contests and I was the proud recipient of fishing poles, tackle boxes, golf clubs, tickets to The Masters, tickets to Nascar and the list […]

The Breadwinner

There was a recent study about wives earning more than their husbands.  If you are a husband, are you ok with this?  If you are a wife, are you ok with this?  What about the role reversal?  I was interviewed on Michigan’s Morning News about this topic by Steve Gruber and Jo Anne Paul. Click on […]

Study: Can men or women tolerate more pain?

Sometimes I have to laugh at the studies that are done that make the news. Many times though, these studies are just updates from previous ones and sometimes they think they are making an old study current. In any case, this particular study about who tolerates more pain is definitely an oldie but a goodie….depending on where you […]