FIE-CoverYou’ve written your book, you’ve got a marketing plan set up, it’s all good and then….life happens.  Not everyone is on the same page, things aren’t completed in the right order but guess what?  You’ve written your book and that is something to be proud of so pat yourself on the back!
In the midst of it all though, you are asked to be on radio shows to talk about….wait for it….your book!  It wasn’t part of your marketing plan, and it may not be in the right order but…life happens and you’ve written your book.  Do you get the point?
Book Number 2, Famous Isn’t Enough, is completed and ready to rock and roll and even though not everything is text book case ready, I’m so excited to bring to you “Famous Isn’t Enough, Earning Your Fortune As An Entrepreneur” and Beth Shankle Anderson’s interview.
Click here to listen now. Enjoy and let me know your favorite part.

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