In Like A Lion And Out Like A Lamb

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So the saying goes about the month of March.  In my case it was exactly the opposite.  It seems that everything is on top of each other in March.  I started out the month, really on the 28th of February, speaking at the AIMS Pro-To-Pro Retreat, an Insurance Industry event in the DFW area.  The audience was great and I met a lot of interesting people and relationships began.

Next I was interviewed on radio and TV for different programs and ended the first week of March at the Ambit-ious Women Event, also in the DFW area, where some of the most amazing women collaborated about business.  The presentation there, again afforded me the opportunity to make even more relationships and some new clients.

That evening I flew across the country San Diego to LAMP, one of the largest Insurance conferences.  Last year I was a Main Platform speaker so this year I attended as an exhibitor.  Guess what, relationship building at an all time high.

Back to Dallas and now a speaker at NetVU….guess Insurance is a common thread.  Great group of people and connections and yes you got it, relationships being made and continued.

We are heading into the home stretch and what a great way to almost end the month than with one of my favorite conferences held in VA, The Get Radical Conference.  This is a life changing event whether you are an attendee or a speaker.  I was fortunate to have been a speaker and again, well you can fill in the blanks….

Finally the last week I was interviewed on a dozen Fox News Radio Shows talking about wives earning more than their husbands.  Lots of great conversations and when I finished the last one, I was the Keynote Speaker at The Texas Tire Dealers event.  Lots of questions, lots of answers and lots of relationships to follow up and continue with.

In between, I hosted my weekly radio show on Cosmic Broadcasting.  Great way to get information out and bring some fabulous guests on to share their knowledge.

It was a busy month and yes, I was a bit tired, but it was a great month and I look forward to more months like this.

Bottom line as always, be open to opportunities, say yes and figure it out and be open to building relationships and once you have, your job is to continue the conversation.

Happy Selling!

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