It Was Down To The Wire, And We Made It

How many of you have an idea in your head that you just know should be a book? I bet everyone reading this is nodding their head. I love to write and have always written in a journal or back then it was a diary. It was someplace to share your thoughts and dreams and it was for your eyes only. If you know me you also know I write like I speak so I definitely put myself in my material.

Now, everyone writes in a blog and publishes whatever they want for the world to see. No longer are your carefully guarded thoughts….carefully guarded. It turns out it is a good way to share with others. Even when you think you are the only person going through a particular situation and are feeling alone, someone, somewhere, that you may not even know, has found you and is putting their arms around you saying that they understand and the world is good.

Well, not so much with a book. This is your story that you canʼt share it until it is finished. You want to make sure everything is perfect. The story line, the fonts, the bio, the picture, the forward, the conclusion, the acknowledgements, the cover and the list goes on and on. Then the questions begin and we all know that women ask more questions than men before during and after making a decision:

• Is the story compelling enough?

• Will anyone learn anything?

• Does the story flow?

• Who is my target audience?

• Will I sell lots of copies?

• What if I donʼt sell any copies?

• What if my friends donʼt like it?

• What if everyone loves it?

• What do I charge?

Are you getting it? That is what is happening in your mind and a mind can be a hard thing to shut down when there is even one unanswered question floating around. That is where I was just a few weeks ago as the final changes were being made on my manuscript. Fortunately for me, I had enough people around me, as I entered the tail end of this process, that were no longer listening to me. They knew what I wanted and how I wanted the final product to be and guided me through the process, carefully but forcefully gentle, if that makes any sense.

The content is solid, the title is thought provoking and the image can be open to many different interpretations. The bottom line is, it is done. Even better- it has been printed, packed, shipped, and ready for purchase by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it!



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