How in the world does anyone expect you to get anything done when there are so many interesting distractions around?  For instance, I made a major goal for myself to complete my 2nd book and have it printed and shipped to CA for an event by March 1st.  And, that would probably not be too difficult if I just sat down and started writing. But there are so many other things that come into play like speaking engagements, radio interviews, writing programs, checking email, reading Facebook updates and the list goes downhill from there.

So what can you do? I’m thinking I should just lock myself in a hotel room with some water and some food and just… write.  But, that doesn’t sound appealing especially since there would be new distractions for me.  Maybe I should rent a cabin in the woods and write, but again, new distractions would set in.  What is going on with the ordinarily organized and get it done person?

Hmm well let’s see, in the past 3 months,I just got married, I started a radio show,  started working on a new product release and that list can keep going as well.  But those are all excuses and those are all great ones at that, but they are excuses.

So here is what I know I need to do…..walk away from the computer that has a dozen or more windows open, turn the sound off so I can’t here when an email pops in, and take my laptop into my nice cushy chair and think about how great it will feel to have some chapters behind me rather than thinking I can write the book in one sitting.

Off I go, for the next 3 hours, and I will write until my time is up.  So if you noticed, I gave myself some short term goals that I can reach and celebrate and motivate myself to do it again.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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