5 Unexpected Sources of Inspiration

Have you ever had something looming over your head?  A project, a report, or even a blog post???

What inspires you to get it done?  Sometimes it’s the deadline and sometimes it’s feeling that sense of accomplishment.  I get my inspiration from many different areas.
Here are 5 unexpected sources of inspiration for me. Hopefully you can find inspiration in them as well:
1-Music-I have always been a music nut.  My taste is extremely eclectic and know words to songs that I probable shouldn’t.  Certain songs get me going and on some occasions I need to listen to Classical to calm me down.
My favorite driving song is “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones but then Andrea Boccelli takes me through the mountains of Italy….all genres inspire me.
2-Books-I love to read and I’m good whether it’s a novel or an industry related book.  Sometimes there is a line in the book that generates some great thought provoking ideas and from that I complete a project.
3-Facebook-Believe it or not, I do get inspiration from FaceBook.  I may see a picture or statement that I feel the need to share.  Sometimes it’s the opposite.  I post something and others share it.  I can generally get a feeling of the type of day people are having by their comments.  Sometimes days or weeks go by and I get a comment on an old post thanking me for helping them through the day….it’s all about timing.
4-My Social Media guru (Jason)- He inspires me to stay motivated and get things done.  Since we are in different states he doesn’t see me agonizing over a situation and calmly nudges me to get another blog post written.  Getting out of the craziness of a situation and writing is sometimes all that I need….if you get my drift-I’m writing a blog post now…
5-People-This is the greatest source of inspiration to me.  It may be people I know or total strangers.  I am a great people watcher and love to figure out their “story”. Why are certain people together?  If I’m at the airport, where are they going?  What are they buying? If I’m in a situation that I am not comfortable in, what can I do? It won’t really matter because I will make up a story that suits my mood and many times it turns into a blog post.
The moral of the story? Be careful what you say or do, what you listen to or read because you may become one of my blog posts.

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