How many of you have had something looming over your head for days, weeks, months?

Be honest.

Let me tell you about my special “project” that I just couldn’t seem to get done. As many of you already know, I am a company owned by a woman….me.  It stands to reason that I should have the designation of a Women Owned Business right?  Many of my friends are, and I decided to apply for the certification.  However, I thought it would be an easy process and I will say easy is a relative term in this case.

I downloaded the application and filled it out.  The next piece is where I ran into some speed bumps.  Collecting the data that is needed made my head spin.  Where was this piece and who would have that piece.  All I can say is that many months later I finally completed the process.

This week was my site visit and guess what??? As of today, June 1st I am officially designated as a Women Owned Business and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I immediately added the logo to my signature and to my website (…ok Jason my Social Media, Lead  Strategist, Jack of all Trades did) but the point is it’s done!

WBENC’s tagline is Creating Opportunities … Recognizing Excellence. I am honored to be part of this. Oh one piece of advice- there are people out there that can help you through the process….let them!  I could have been celebrating many months ago.

Happy June and stay tuned for some more updates!

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