Do We Really Need Two Separate Training Programs??

Every time I am speaking about the differences between men and women in the workplace, I find that more and more people are becoming aware that the differences can be advantageous, if we understand them.  Since women are now responsible for 86% of consumer products purchasing, including insurance, cars and appliances, you would think everyone would want to learn how to capture this amazing market.  Sometimes though, I am asked “Do We Really Need Two Separate Training Programs?”  Knowing that men and women communicate differently and have different priorities when it comes to buying and selling means you will need to alter your training. However, it does not mean you need to separate the sexes. In fact, both genders need to know how to relate to each other, unless you also plan to separate the customers along gender lines! Therefore, it is important that companies create a specific training module that addresses gender differences

I came across an article that I believe will give you the statistics you might need to see just how important this segment of the market is and will continue to be.  In the next few weeks I will also give you some tips on communicating with women….and that is important whether you are male or female.  Stay tuned.

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