Getting Excited and Make Things Happen??

Well I did go to Chicago for that final training.  Here’s what I weighed: I had no new projects and all my projects were done.  I got the thumbs up from everyone and if I didn’t get to be out of the office I think I would have internally combusted. I think I made the right choice.

Before I left, the Agency Manager that I was going to see,  ran a mini contest and the prize was dinner with me the night before the training.  I was really touched and there was quite a crowd there.  It was wonderful and we all talked about business and told stories and laughed and that was  exactly what the doctor ordered.

The training the next day went well.  We went over some popular and necessary topics and there were a few people that drove from Wisconsin to hear me.  Remember what I said earlier about bringing value?? Ok I get it, I did and do.  One of the Wisconsin attendees and I have been friends for years and he was really sad that I was leaving. I told him friends remain friends no matter what or where you are. They are your super heros and no matter how often you actually see them, these are your true friends.  I mentioned earlier about life lessons and finding out who your friends are and I knew that was in store for me but I assured him that would not happen to us.  He gave me a beautiful card and present and drove me to the airport.  My final training was a hit and on the flight home I realized the hard stop in front of me.

My life was changing faster than I had imagined.  Only one week left in the office and then I would be unemployed, 55, nervous but so excited I could hardly stand it.  Someone said to me that I wouldn’t realize how stressed I was and how I didn’t feel that great until a few weeks from when it was over and I saw how great I actually felt.  Someone will have to prove that to me…

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