Will You Be Walking Around The Building?

Well this is now the last week of work and it’s clean up time.  I’ve already carried out one of my awards every day so that I wouldn’t have to figure out how to get all of them home.  They are fragile and heavy and may have no value to anyone else, but I worked hard for every singe one so I don’t want them to get damaged. Each one got seat-belted in and you can say that I’m over the top but each one of them means something to me and all made it home with no casualties.

I had a system for bringing home all my other “stuff” so that I wouldn’t have tons  to unpack once I got everything home at the end of the week.  I would take one box home at lunch and unpack it, bring the box back at do that again at the end of the day.  By Thursday I was all done.

This was a pretty quiet week.  A lot of people were on vacation so the goodbyes would be minimal.  The team I worked with when I started in Corporate were there during the week and offered their help and we said goodbye throughout the week. On Friday, IT came into my office and took my laptop, blackberry and air card.  Next came HR and asked if I would be walking around the building at all?  I said that I wouldn’t and they took my badge.  That was it.  I was now finished and my 15 years with the Company was over. Very uneventful and finito!

Rox, Val and Annette took me to lunch and that was awesome.  After lunch, I went home and was finishing a few emails and right in the middle of an email, I was notified that I was now disabled….Ok that can mean so many things but I knew it meant I no longer had access to the Company’s website, files or my email. Seriously? I didn’t think I was a threat but I guess it is a security issue. I guess???

I was heading to Denver later in the day to start the next chapter of my life and if I played my cards right I would see my daughter at the airport as she was flying out of Denver and I was coming in to see my son.  I don’t get both my kids in the same state that often so keep your fingers crossed…

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