I’m up at bat-Will you be speaking anywhere locally….Strike One
How about a website?…Strike Two

Ok then send me a brochure…not even a full count. This was a fly ball right into the outfielder’s mitt. YOU’RE OUT!!!
I couldn’t even breathe. I just wanted to curl up under my blankies and call it a day. My son reminded me this all came about because I had received a referral and I snapped back to reality and realized this would force me to get the business going and NOW!

So with the help of PJ and Jason, the brochure and website became a reality. The brochure looks like me. It is me. It makes me smile. The website is now live and is a continuation of the brochure. Make sure you visit it and let me know what you think www.sellinginaskirt.com

At some point I will thank the person that pushed me to get this done before I thought I was ready.

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