So now you see the concept and realize the grunt work in the back end is the only way to get the front to work.
I had become the networking queen.  I join, attend and benefit from everywhere I go. It’s not only the receiving part that is unbelievable, it is the giving part that is so gratifying.  Some of the groups turn out to not be for me but some are truly amazing.  I have met incredible women at eWomen. I only wish I had been a more active participant with that organization when I first moved to Texas.  It would have been a totally different story for me in my personal life if I had…I do believe.

I have also met some very successful men during networking who are so open and willing to share.  Having conversations with them is like talking to an old friend and the brainstorming starts and ideas and suggestions just flow.  I’m telling you if you are not networking you are doing yourself a disservice.

So here is a funny one.  I got a number of referrals from people and of course I follow up on all of them.  These are not like the referrals you get from BNI-no offense to anyone who belongs. These are true referrals and each person who shares the referrals will take the time to either make a phone call or send an email introducing us.  That’s how networking works.

Ok so this one particular referral is a very prominent figure and was actually excited that I contacted her.  She is looking for speakers for 2011.  That’s perfect for me as I am getting everything squared away.  And then she asked me for 3 things….

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