When the Corporate World is on Holiday

Looking back on Labor Day weekend it seemed like Corporate America completely shut down. Every email I sent out or call I made even days leading up to labor day were met with the same message: …I will be back in the office on September 3rd… I guess the “we need it yesterday” sense of […]

How Women Can Get Ahead: Advice From Female CEOs

Sometimes the differences between men and woman are slight and sometimes they are quite obvious. Women now make up approximately 50% of the workforce and believe it or not some of the same issues that women faced decades ago are still challenges for women today. Women are looking for certain things that will make a […]

What Is The Message Women Are Giving?

We all know there are differences between men and women. Studies have been done that document the differences in both genders in building relationships, communication skills and a host of other differences. But that is not where it ends. Many times women don’t give themselves enough credit and do not self-promote their accomplishments. This becomes […]

Chapter Officially Closed…Well Mostly

Of course, wouldn’t you know that my plane was delayed? I was working with a very small window in order to see my daughter and it didn’t look like it was going to happen.  Our pilot made up some major time and from the moment I landed, we had about 10 minutes to spend with […]


As I scanned the back of the room and saw everyone from the Agency there, it suddenly made sense why those that were supposed to be there kept me at the front of the room for ridiculous reasons i.e. can you move this box, can we talk about whatever…Inspector Clouseau at your service. I was […]

In The Beginning

If the title of this blog seems familiar, than we have worked together at some point in the last 15 years and you know this statement came from  a late, great entrepreneur.  If it doesn’t, just know it is something that has had the greatest impact on my entire life. Over the past 28 years […]