“You Won’t Like Me When We Are Finished”

… That’s how my strategy session began.  Not very comforting I would say. In truth, I trusted this friend and if I wasn’t ready to hear the harsh truth, I wouldn’t have asked for his help. So we began by defining a few categories, those that brought in money and those that didn’t, what absolutely […]


According to dictionary.com, commitment is defined as: a pledge or promise; obligation.  We all have made commitments and try our best to keep them. The other day I was watching a form of commitment that gave new meaning to the word.  I wanted to share this with you. From my back door you can see trees, flowers, my pool and lots […]

The Cover of ‘Exceptional People’ Magazine!

I am extremely happy to announce that Exceptional People Magazine featured me on the cover of their magazine! You can read the interview by clicking here. Or if you prefer to download it to print and read later you can do so by clicking here. Here is an excerpt from the interview: Monica: What are […]

Determination: The Recipe for Success

The following is a guest post by Elizabeth Ann Stewart founder of the  Brain and Body Wellness Center. I grew up with an extremely unreal expectation of what it would take to be successful. After all, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears just had to sing and dance and they were rich and famous! If I built a […]

The Top 10 Networking Tips for Women-The Other Side Of The Coin

“They” say that everyday you should learn something. Who are “They” anyway?? In any case, I do agree and I do try and follow that rule in my life whether personally or professionally. Do you know how many people come into your life? How many of them have made an impact on your life? Everyone […]

In The Beginning

If the title of this blog seems familiar, than we have worked together at some point in the last 15 years and you know this statement came from  a late, great entrepreneur.  If it doesn’t, just know it is something that has had the greatest impact on my entire life. Over the past 28 years […]