The Value Of Coaching

When I started my company in 2009, one of the first things I did was to understand what I didn’t know how to do. I loved people, I could sell, I wanted to make a difference and always wanted to bring value.  All sounds great so far right? What I didn’t really know how to […]

Getting Your Message Out

When you start a new business, one of the first things you do is to create a product or service that is ideal for your target market.  You set the price, you have the features and benefits and you are ready to rock and roll.  Until you realize that you don’t know how to let […]

What Would You Do-Over?

I was thinking about some of the things that have happened in my life, both the amazing and the not so much fun times.  I started daydreaming about the woulda, coulda, shoulda ways the outcome might have been different and realized that things happen just as they are supposed to and that everything we do […]

Making Your Sales Relationship Into A Selling Relationship

              Making Your Sales Relationship Into A Selling Relationship Building relationships requires time, effort and patience. It requires a strategy unique to each situation and prospect. It doesn’t mean developing a shrewd approach to ingratiate yourself with your prospects. If your approach is not heartfelt, it won’t work because […]

It’s The Little Things That Count

Here’s the scenario….you are in a restaurant way out of town. You have no connections or relationships there yet you are treated as if you have been going there forever… The Colonel and I decided to get out of town for the weekend. We headed northwest to a little town in Oklahoma….ok some of you […]

Women Do It Three Times More Than Men

I was honored to be asked to guest blog for Kim Duke-The Sales Divas. I decided to write about ONE of the many differences between men and women…So what do women do three times more than men…. Ask questions! Every action, every moment of every day is taken only after DOZENS of questions have been […]

Easing Transition- The F7Group Mantra

It doesn’t seem as if transition is a difficult concept, yet millions of people are struggling with it.  Quite simply transition is defined as movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another.  It could be from one part of the country to another, from one position in a company […]

To Do or Not To Do – 5 Steps to Staying Productive

Being productive has never been an issue for me.  I have been told I am very productive and as my last post showed, I’m also very focused.  Of course everyone tells me that I make it look so easy.  Here’s the secret, I need to make it look easy to me in order for me […]

Do We Really Need Two Separate Training Programs??

Every time I am speaking about the differences between men and women in the workplace, I find that more and more people are becoming aware that the differences can be advantageous, if we understand them.  Since women are now responsible for 86% of consumer products purchasing, including insurance, cars and appliances, you would think everyone […]

Communication Between Men and Women….

Is there really a difference?  Why is there so much talk about this? There are studies upon studies confirming that there are differences in the way we speak, the way we hear and the way we listen. One of the strategies I talk about deals with the male/female communication styles. It’s always funny when “selective […]


The definition of being vulnerable is: Susceptible to physical or emotional injury; Susceptible to attack; Open to censure or criticism.  These are certainly not positive thoughts that you want to have to start your day.  However, I was just sent a video by one of my closest girlfriends that put a new spin on a not so […]