Walking On The Glass Floor Foundation

Our Mission

The Walking on the Glass Floor Foundation supports and empowers women by sourcing, publishing and distributing educational materials for women in and aspiring to leadership positions and organizations that support women in leadership. The Walking on the Glass Floor Foundation brings the principles of the book DIRECTLY to leaders, emerging leaders and those women leading themselves as entrepreneurs. Our pledge is to financially support our mission by donating a portion of every WOTGF book sold back to companies, associations, charities, social causes and scholarships. Joining us means more and more women will walk successfully on the Glass Floor and stay there.

Women want to be treated equally… Not identically.®

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Our Values

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION. Diversity and inclusion are our priority. We invite men and women to participate and be part of a movement where we will open up more opportunities for women in leadership positions.

EQUALITY IN THE BOARDROOM FOR EVERYONE. We encourage men that champion women to join us in bringing more women to leadership positions and work side by side using our differences as assets.

WOMEN AS THE EXPERT LEADERS. Providing advocacy, a support system and a group of experts to women leaders is key for development and retention.

MANDATORY MENTORING. Mentoring is key. 65%of women that are mentored become mentors. This is a cycle that needs to continue.

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS MATTERS. Increasing the number of qualified women in executive positions.

INDIVIDUALIZED CAREER PLANNING. Investing in personal development.

Get Involved. Join the Movement

We’ll regularly post about exciting news and powerful partnerships. Join the movement and help us, help woman soar.

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