Are You a Woman in a Male-Dominated Business?

There is no doubt that it is tough for women to succeed in a male-dominated field, but tough does not mean impossible!

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Being in a male-dominated industry is tough when you accept less money instead of negotiate for what you’re worth, or if you come in not knowing your product or service and rely on your femininity and not your intellect.

However, if you stand strong and demand what you are worth with a graceful, firm stance you will win true respect from your colleagues!

Here are some tips I have found helpful in setting boundaries on what you are willing to accept:

1. Be endlessly curious and always hungry to learn.
Your willingness to learn is the one thing that will never change throughout your career and your life. Even when you are 90, you should be learning new things! Did you know that research has named curiosity as one of the mental factors that wards off senility? Be curious and you will always learn new things that will help you in your career.

2. Do not lose sight of who you are in your climb to the top.
Your gut can be just as important as logic in your climb to the top. Never betray yourself and choose the right people to surround you on your journey. Remember, you only have to look at one person in the mirror every morning: Yourself.

3. Timing Can Be Key.
There is a right and a wrong time to approach any topic, so learn to judge the ebb and flow of work around you. The right opportunities will present themselves if you will pay attention!

In my first book ‘Selling in a Skirt‘ as well as my new book ‘PURE WEALTH: 26 Ways To Crazy Profitability‘, I discuss sales and gender equality in the workplace. It is very important to always stand up for yourself and demand that you be given the respect—and the pay—you deserve! You are a smart business woman, so start today implementing little changes that will ultimately result in a happier and more productive and lucrative career for you!

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