After getting back from my adventure in IN, I was now “grounded” from traveling.  If you haven’t learned anything about my personality yet, I’m not an office person so this was a hard pill to swallow.  I didn’t really understand the reasoning behind this as I did ask if I could travel and was told “NOPE” and didn’t get any explanation.  My thought process was as long as I gave 8 weeks notice, obviously I was still committed to the cause and wanted the best for the field.  Why not use me to my best ability?  I decided to just let it go…and with that I bet those that know me are crcacking up.  I really did behave.  You can ask anyone.

So what I did was to make sure that everything going forward was completed and organized so anyone could step into my shoes and not have to even think.  I don’t believe in leaving anything to the imagination when it comes to my job.  Why shouldn’t I make it as easy as possible?  After all, I did give 8 weeks notice!

I believe I might have said in a previous post that I was feeling a bit invisible in the office but I’m sure it was the only way to be.  I couldn’t get any new projects because I would be gone.  I came in everyday and put in a full days work and was as positive as always.  I will admit though, it was difficult not being where I truly belonged, in the field.  But, I decided not to question that decision. You see I did ask more than once.  I know you are giggling about that right?

Anyway, one of our Agency Managers was at a meeting with our SVP and asked if I could come out for one last training for his office.  He told him how valuable that would be and how much his team had benefited from my other trainings and was told that would be a great idea!  He called me immediately and told me about the conversation and asked if I would do that.  Ummmm I was jumping up and down on one hand and totally confused on the other.  What would you do?

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