How High Are Your Standards?

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I always have interesting conversations and incredible people watching episodes when I’m at the airport.  I listen and observe, I engage and I observe some more.  At one airport, I was waiting for a flight and we were delayed so many times that it was almost a game to see when the app and the […]

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Isn’t it funny that when you make the decision to be an entrepreneur your rationalization for situations is not always “smart”? Let’s take me for instance,the first thing everyone tells you to do is to have a business plan….but, why would I need a business plan? I was in business for myself. I was never […]

Keeping Your Eye On The….Jacket!

How many times have we talked about what motivates people?  Is it money? Is it prizes?  Is it a trip? Is it recognition? Throughout my career, I have won so many contests and I was the proud recipient of fishing poles, tackle boxes, golf clubs, tickets to The Masters, tickets to Nascar and the list […]

Shiny Objects

How in the world does anyone expect you to get anything done when there are so many interesting distractions around?  For instance, I made a major goal for myself to complete my 2nd book and have it printed and shipped to CA for an event by March 1st.  And, that would probably not be too […]

Selling In A Skirt: A Review

Sometimes opportunities come to you in the most incredible ways.  A woman was at a meeting and was talking about me to another member.  A third woman heard the conversation and asked for my information.  That woman gave my information to yet another woman who contacted me and asked if I would speak at a […]


According to, commitment is defined as: a pledge or promise; obligation.  We all have made commitments and try our best to keep them. The other day I was watching a form of commitment that gave new meaning to the word.  I wanted to share this with you. From my back door you can see trees, flowers, my pool and lots […]

Bella Petite Radio Feature

Have you ever wondered about Social Media: The Power of Women Online?  Recently I was asked to join Ann Lauren of Bella Petite radio and Elizabeth Lions, economy expert to talk about the power women have as it relates to social media.  Of course we did bring it to face-to-face relationships as well.  A few great take aways […]

5 Unexpected Sources of Inspiration

Have you ever had something looming over your head?  A project, a report, or even a blog post??? What inspires you to get it done?  Sometimes it’s the deadline and sometimes it’s feeling that sense of accomplishment.  I get my inspiration from many different areas. Here are 5 unexpected sources of inspiration for me. Hopefully […]

So Many Decisions (and 3 tips to ensure you have your act together!)

One of the activities I love the most is to be a mentor for young women.  I believe this goes back to being the only female in many industries and having no female role model to follow. I knew I was missing something.  Over the past few years I have had the pleasure and honor […]

How To Get Your Groove Back!

Have you even been faced with a situation that has just zapped all your energy?  Could be personal, could be professional.  What do you do?  You can’t stay under your blankies for too long.  After all, how do you explain that to your mortgage company or utilities? I had been going along excited and happy […]

So What’s Next?

As we get into the craziness of the holidays, we seem to let things go and blame it on the craziness of the holidays…there is a pattern here. For me, I have been lax on my blog posts because after all, isn’t everyone too busy to read what I have to say? I decided this […]

Prospecting Habits- The 3 Most Important Ones Used By Successful Salespeople

Don’t Multitask –  Done thing at a time and finish it before moving to the next. Studies conducted at MIT show that our brain does not focus well on more than one thing. Multi-tasking is an illusion and your IQ drops as much as 10 points when you are multitasking!   Get Organized –  Don’t waste […]