Sometimes opportunities come to you in the most incredible ways.  A woman was at a meeting and was talking about me to another member.  A third woman heard the conversation and asked for my information.  That woman gave my information to yet another woman who contacted me and asked if I would speak at a conference in California.  Do you have the flow chart in your mind yet?

The conference was for Women Construction Owners & Executives and it was truly amazing.  The attendees were fabulous and the wealth of knowledge in that room….priceless.

Within that group of professionals were a few men, also amazing and eager to learn among this sea of women.  One of the men bought my book and read it, passed it along and from there I received this wonderful review.  Are you as exhausted as I am trying to keep up with this chain???

In any event, opportunities don’t always come in a bow.  I am grateful for someone taking the time to read and review my book and to share his thoughts in the Company’s magazine.  I am proud to share it here and look forward to other opportunities to unravel.

You can read his Review here (PDF download).

Happy Selling!

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