The Olympics -The Best In The World???

I love the olympics. I cry when our National Anthem is played and hold my breath as someone’s dream is shattered by a hundredth of a tenth of a  second.

The summer olympics show the speed of the runners, the agility of the gymnasts and the synchronization of the swimmers. The winter olympics gives you the rush of the skiers, the speed of the hockey players and the easiness of the skaters. There are so many amazing sports displayed and some new ones introduced 4 years later.  We all watch in amazement as the world’s best display their commitment to excellence.

This year has no exceptions.  There are more athletes from more countries and for the first time, the number of female athletes are equal to or exceeding the number of male. In some countries, it’s the first time women are competing and everyone seems to be playing nicely….or are they?

I stumbled across an article entitled “GAMES OF THE GIRLS? NOT REALLY” which of course caught my eye.  There are so many amazing women competing this year.  Their skills are incredible and they are the best of the best so why are people honing in on their hair or their sex appeal or lack of sex appeal or most disturbing, calling someone names on Twitter no less….

I have always taught my daughter that she can be anything she wants to be in this wonderful world.  I am certain that these athletes are taught the same lesson….how do you prepare your child who does their best, that the world will find something other than that to focus on?  Can’t we just admire someone for their attributes rather than find some meaningless fault to be laser focused on?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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