From Prospect To Appointment In 8 Easy Steps

Ready, Set…

Step 1. Set a specific number of contacts or appointments as a goal for each calling session. Keep going down your list of prospects until you reach that goal number. Do not give yourself any breaks until your target is reached!

Step 2. Block off time on your schedule for these calls and do not postpone this task.

You need to create structure so you can have the discipline to complete this task.
When starting out, use your planner to keep you on schedule.
For the first few weeks, keep track of time of a day you were calling and your success rate so you can determine which calling times generate the most leads.

Step 3. Organize your prospect list starting with the best ones on top, based on our lessons from Step 2: Prospecting – Finding The Golden Clients.

  • Referrals
  • Your own local marketing
  • Previous prospects that asked you to contact them again later
  • Leads generated by your company
  • Cold calls or purchased lists

Step 4. Call during the most productive times. Generally, this is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for business contacts, and weekday evenings and Saturday mornings for home contacts.

Many industries have their own sales rhythms. So it is best to understand how your industry works by keeping your own records. You will find what time your prospecting calls are most likely to turn into appointments.

Step 5. Place your script or talking points in front of you for easy reference.

Step 6. Make phone calls every single day!

Step 7. Call every name on your list. Do not skip names, especially if you are calling from a list you acquired from referrals or your own local marketing.

Step 8. Attitude is important – be enthusiastic! The next call will be a “yes.”


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