Is There Really a Work/Life Balance?

Some people claim that they never find
the balance between work and “real life.” 

1-border-workIn fact, one of the most common complaints from the women I speak to is that their careers seem to eat up their personal lives, leaving them no time for family and friends.

In my book Selling in a Skirt as well as my newest book PURE WEALTH:  26 Ways To Crazy Profitability, I acknowledge that it can be difficult to find the balance between work and life.  However, I believe that the reason it is so hard for some women is that they have an unrealistic idea of what that balance should be.

First of all, there is no one-size-fits-all mathematical equation for balancing work and life.  I know women who work 70 hours a week and are perfectly happy while others work a more conventional 40-hour week and are miserable.  Much depends on your business; if you are doing something you love, the line between “work time” and “fun time” tends to blur.  Many women also see their businesses as a child that they must grow and nurture, and this leads them to spend many hours working on that business without missing the personal time they are giving up. 

Furthermore, the work/life balance will shift over time as your personal circumstances change.  Women who never wanted to leave the office suddenly become homebodies when the children arrive, for example, and women who devoted their days to their families may suddenly find a new lease on life when the kids leave home and Mom has a chance to start her own business!

I think the key to finding the right balance of work and play should be based on achievement and enjoyment.  This means setting goals for both your personal life and your business life.  If you want a cleaner house, look into hiring someone to take care of these project for you, and apply those hours to your business. You will feel better about yourself, your home and your work. If making time for a weekly date night with your significant other is important to you, be sure to schedule time for that.  The goals you set and pursue are the ones you are going to accomplish, so be sure to set goals in both areas of your life.

Is there a work/life balance?  Yes, and it’s not the same for everyone, but right now I am in balance for me!

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