If there was nothing in my way, and I could do whatever I wanted, I would want to bring value to groups of people with information that would help to make them successful and travel around to different locations doing that.  Confusing? Clear as mud to me.  What will the content be?  I already have an idea but until I formulate it in my mind and have all my duckies in a row, I’ll save that.

In the mean time, there is so much to do to start a new business.  Trust me, I’ve done this before and I know what is in store for me, but when push comes to shove, you don’t really remember.  It’s kind of like labor.  If you remembered everything you went through, would you do it again?  Probably not and that is why you kind of forget that and put those memories in a little compartment for the future.  That’s kind of where I am right now.

Who would even think about the little things like a name, business cards, legal “stuff”,  checking account” and logo and that is in addition to the content, the program, the value…..My new mantra is “If I just had my program than I could do_______”  I just kept filling in the blanks and every day became a source of frustration.

The issue for me was that I had 28 years of content in my head and could not organize it. Has that ever happened to you?  I bet if I could just talk everything would appear on paper, but I didn’t know where to start and don’t say at the beginning because I already tried that and…..

I started researching and reading books and articles and even though I read some great information, I was simply stalling.  Something had to give me that starting point.  I have written monthly articles and knew what I wanted to discuss. It was that first sentence that I needed and once I had that, everything flowed.

So what was that first sentence or thought going to be  before my beloved MAC ends up on the floor?

What is the first line?

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