Prospecting Habits- The 3 Most Important Ones Used By Successful Salespeople

Don’t Multitask –

 Done thing at a time and finish it before moving to the next. Studies conducted at MIT show that our brain does not focus well on more than one thing. Multi-tasking is an illusion and your IQ drops as much as 10 points when you are multitasking!


Get Organized – 

Don’t waste the customers time, (or your time!) looking for information that you should have readily available. Plan ahead, or learn everything you need to to have the information in the front of your mind. Create systems tailored to your work habits that will keep you focused.


Be True To Your Word – 

Do what you say you are going to do. If you say you are going to call someone in 24 hours, call them within 24 hours. Salespeople start off with a strike against them in the trust department. Customers woory that once they pay you, you will leave them high and dry. Don’t be that person.


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