Everywhere you look, listen or read the elections are in front of you. Everyone has a different opinion as to which candidate should hold the highest position in our country.  More than that though, the focus seems to be on the “Gender Gap”
In one article it stated that if only women voted they would vote one way and if only men voted they would vote the opposite way. Why is this? Isn’t everyone interested in the same issues?
In my opinion, choosing a candidate is no different than shopping for a specific item. Men  are interested in the facts, figures, features and benefits. In other words, how will this candidate perform specifically.  Women on the other hand are looking for a relationship.  Which candidate can they relate better to? Who is more approachable and with regards to the issues….what is going to affect them and their families directly.
I was recently asked to appear on CNN Headline to talk about this very subject.  What an honor to participate.
Here’s the interview:

YouTube video

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