Top Women CEOs on How Innovation Drives Business

According To A Recent Article In Forbes, Today 26 Fortune 500 Companies Have Women CEOs.

business-crystal-bay-incline-village-llc-corporationThis is a great improvement over the past, and it bears study as these women have some interesting things to say about business in general and how innovation works to drive business growth.

According to Denise Evans, a VP of Market development at IBM, women should have a plan to integrate work and life. Because so many women are involved in both careers and families, they must take this into account as they begin planning their career goals. Sandra Fenwick of Boston Children’s Hospital recommends that women have passion and a vision for what is possible. Lori Fouche of Prudential touts confidence and the ability to sometimes say “no,” even if you want to please.

Although these women have slightly different approaches to business management, they all agree that innovation is a key factor in business and that without it businesses will fail to grow. Innovation may mean different things to these women, of course. In fact, each woman interviewed had a slightly different outlook on what innovation was and how her company categorized and dealt with the question of innovative strategies and goals. Sandra Fenwick sees it as “curing the incurable,” while Lori Fouche focuses on “bring us your challenges.” Karen Abramson of Wolters Kluwer promotes “contextual design” to watch clients use their products for inspiration.

No matter how these women see innovation, however, they all agree that it is vital to a thriving business. While it is not always easy to live with an innovation mindset because it involves constant change, innovation is the lifeblood of growth for these industries.

Women CEOs perhaps understand this need for innovation because they must be so flexible within their own lives, juggling families and careers. Whatever the case, all the successful women CEOs interviewed agreed that an innovation mindset was the key to making a business grow!

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