So you are considering starting a new business, or perhaps adding a new program or maybe bringing someone in to work with you. You have a “plan” and on paper it is perfect….then reality sets in.  Am I talking to you or has that just happened to me?

For the past 9 months I have been working on adding a new program to my list of those programs that are currently available.  This one will have a separate identity and will appeal to a wider group.  I have the vision so clear in my head and have brought in the “experts” to speak the language that I find foreign to me….”I.T.”

If you notice the time frame, I could have birthed another baby….For those of you that have children you know the planning and the labor involved but you know the outcome will be your greatest gift to you, your family and the world.

Ahhh so that’s what I was basing my new project on!  Unfortunately, it is not happening that way.  I have been so up and so down.  The tears feel like a natural part of my day.  My stomach is constantly turning and yet, I continue. I’ve had people jump in and offer their expertise, time, and love, just because….and that is hard to find.  I have the rest of my business to build, and that is hard to do with this hanging over my head.  I have family and friends that would like to hear me talk about something else, and what they hear is like a new mom talking about her new baby…all the time.

When I read this quote, I knew I needed to write something about it rather than just post it because sometimes I truly feel like I am at the end of my rope….and then I tie a knot in it and hang on….why?  I still believe that this is the path I’m supposed to be on and that this program will be launched.   I know that it may not be exactly what my vision is….when it’s ready to launch but I also know that everyone that has been part of the restructuring and counseling will help me stay on track, talk me off the cliff and get me back to some form of sanity.

The greatest take away I can ever give you is one that I blogged about a few years ago….have your dream team surround you.  When someone isn’t right for the team, well… you get it!

Have any stories you want to share?  My next book is already being formulated and I love to include real stories.

Happy Selling!

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