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“It’s Your Business” segment from America Tonight-Selling In A Skirt featured on nationally syndicated radio show.

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Here’s an interesting story.  How many of you are trying to get your name out there?  Are you networking? Writing articles? Blogging? I’ve been doing all of those and more.  The other day I met with RealNews PR, a public relations firm and their expertise is…getting your name out there.

We talked and decided on a few different avenues to try that perhaps I wasn’t trying as yet.

The very next day I was in an all day meeting=translation no emails, texts or phone calls.  When I was done I listened to my messages and I got one from a nationally syndicated radio show asking me if I would be on their show that night!  Yes, that night!  No time to prepare or think because it was already 6pm and the show was to be taped at 8:45pm. In the matter of a minute, I thought of all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it-I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t know the questions, what would I wear…oh wait it was radio not TV or Skype!  Anyway, I thought, this is exactly what I was whining about and now it’s presented to me.  What the heck was I even hesitating about?

So I returned the call and I was told I would not get the questions in advance because they wanted it real and authentic.  We agreed on the call time and that was it. Two hours later it was done and it was so much fun.  Can’t wait for the next one!  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Some take aways for you:

  • You know your material better than anyone so go for it
  • When an opportunity is presented to you, take it
  • Be careful what you wish for….it will happen
  • Remember, opportunities are not always gift wrapped!

Happy Selling!

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