Necessity is the mother of all ‘re-invention’…

… and the women who helped me.

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Well, where to start? My life has been ‘driven by a number of major life changes’, or is that ‘major life changes have been driven by my life’….?

I was living a very normal, comfortable life in London when I was hit by a car (yes, that was a bit out of the blue for me too!). The resulting injuries, coupled with some scary options from the ‘medical professionals’ I consulted, prompted me to do some research as well as some soul searching. I was guided (I believe we are always ‘guided’ if we allow ourselves

to be..) to a wonderful woman, a holistic chiropractor, who promised me ‘hope’, and made good on that promise… When I was fully back on my feet (a ‘feat’ that some of the ‘medical professionals’ I had seen weren’t too sure was going to happen..) I decided I had to train as a chiropractor.

For the next five years I worked a full time job during the day, studied for my degree in the evenings, travelled to a college two hours away at the weekends for practical lectures and helped my husband renovate a 90 foot long houseboat in my spare time. ‘That was that’ you might think…. well the universe had other ideas (She does have a sense of humor doesn’t she..!)

Just as I had qualified I was ‘invited’ to go and work with the woman who had inspired me to become a chiropractor (amazing!!) However, it meant selling our beloved houseboat and moving to a small island off the south coast of England. I couldn’t say no… could I??

So, I asked the most important woman in my life for advice. My Dear Ol’ Mum was never one to offer direct advice (unless asked specifically) believing we all had the answer we needed within us, so she offered me here most wise of words for that occasion… ‘When in doubt….don’t’. There were no doubts, so we went! (as you might have already gathered I have the most wonderful, understanding, patient, supportive husband a girl could ever wish for..).

So, surely that was enough…I was doing what I wanted to do, working with my ‘mentor’…what more was there?…. well the Universe interceded… (there She goes again..) It turned out that some investments we had made in the US (my husband is American by the way..) had developed in such a way that it was ‘financially necessary’ for us to move to the US.

So we were off again. However, it seemed as though my Chiropractic licence would not ‘transfer’ over to the US without me ‘re-learning’ everything I already had learnt in the UK… hmmmm… not my first choice. (Hence the ‘re-invention’ bit.)

Here I am- new country, new life, new career, new kinds of excitement, and scariness all rolled into one. So, what to do? Alas ‘my blog spot’ is full … I will have to save that for next time. 😉





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